SHANGHAI | Lu Xinjian: Reflections | ART LABOR | 30 Oct – 1 Dec 2017

China • Shanghai • From: October 30, 2017 • To: December 1, 2017

Opening reception SUNDAY, October 29th, 4 - 7pm

ART LABOR is once again very pleased to present the newest series of paintings by the inimitable Lu Xinjian, whose bright colors and clear style now grace the walls of collectors across the globe. His new series “Reflections” marks a shift in approach and view, now seeing the world in its relationship to water, and the canals, harbors and lake fronts that form the surroundings of many of the world’s great cities.

We see the particular bold juxtaposed colors of his signature style in these “reflections’ of international horizons and skylines, and ancient canal systems and moats in China.

Born in Jiangsu, Lu Xinjian holds an MFA from the prestigious Frank Mohr Institute, and has shown in a 4 person show alongside noted Dutch artists Herman De Vries and Henk Peeters, two of the integral members of the Nul movement (Klein, Fontana, Mack, Kusama, et al). He was chosen by ABSOLUT to be their campaign artist for Asia in 2011, and his works are in the DSL Collection, the amazing White Rabbit Gallery collection, the CFCCA in Manchester, Shanghai collector Amy Gao, Power Long, Loens & Loeff, amongst dozens of excellent personal collections across China and the world.



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