SUZHOU | Auspicious Omens | Jan 19 – Mar 4 2018

Xiaojing Yan | Solo Exhibition

Curator:Xiaodong Fu 付晓东

January 19 - March 4, 2018
Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China

Dear ARTMO Members,

I am more than happy to extend a personal invitation to you.

Please follow me on ARTMO and you will receive it via mail.

If you like to meet me in person at the exhibition, then please mail me on my ARTMO profile and we can catch up.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

 - Xiaojing Yan -

When globalization, modernity, and progressive become the only legitimate world, how to face the "indigenous tradition" in the post-networked today?

How to reinterpret myths in the context of science?

How to restore the charm of nature?

As an artist migrating from China to North America, both my identity and my work pass through the complex filters of different countries, languages, and cultural expectations. Making art is a transmigration of my ideas, and thus my spirit, move through and with the different layers of my physical experience.

In my art, every idea travels through the intricate passageway of how I think in Chinese but speak in English.

Choosing the right material for my work is like choosing the right word in my vocabulary. For Guan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, I applied the red threads used to make tassels for Chinese lanterns to a statue I had cast of her, and then, even though she was touching the floor, I suspended her by a wire to show how, in my adopted culture, I am suspended between what I used to be and what I am becoming.

I use the minimalist concepts and theatricality of my work to expose the intricate layers of my internal world where Chinese culture, training and traditions inspire my work so I can build a bridge of survival, safety and adaptation to the foreign land that molds and informs my work.

I filter Chinese thoughts through English words, English words through Chinese culture, and my images through the concepts of my art – all the while my core sense of Self remains suspended above and between these two worlds.

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