SHANGHAI Spring Art Season 2018

Seven Must-See Exhibitions.

Post Cover: Murmurations by Alain Delorme | Recently exhibited at Magda Danysz Gallery

Until 7 June 2018

Shanghai by Erwin Olaf
Magda Danysz Gallery

"This series is the second in a three-part project of multimedia artworks created following my travels and work in different cities across the world.

This mega-city is, on a macro scale, so overwhelmingly restless, yet at the micro level it’s the opposite - the enormity is lost when one joins the countless microcosms with which Shanghai is so rich, and I want to unite these seemingly incompatible extremes in my work. “

- Erwin Olaf -


Until 22 June 2018

Zaha Hadid Eternal Flow
Design Crossover
How Design Center (HDC)

With the co-organisation of ZHD, London, How Design Center exhibits Zaha Hadid’s (1950-2016) works for the first time in China.

The exhibition focuses on Hadid’s crossover creations, with her special and unique design style, and it will range from publishing to home accessories, jewellery, furniture, footwear and other fields.


Until 3 June 2018

Lucy Episode 1: “LucyLucy”
Vanguard Gallery

From Lucy, the famous human ancestor, and protagonist of this exhibition, to the human being of the new era in the internet, virtual and cyber world.

Ye Linghan, inspired by the BBC documentary Origins of Us, and through the Neo-Futuristic painting style called internet sketching, guides us in this artistic narration.


Until 27 May 2018

Walking On The Fade Out Lines
Rockbound Art Museum

The collaborations between one of the most renowned contemporary art institutions in Italy, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo ad the Rockbound museum led to this incredible Exhibition.

Viewers reflect with a critical point of view about unfamiliar regions and cities and revisit history. The 29 works are selected from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection.


Until 5 May 2018

The God Of Small Things
Leo Gallery

The sixth exhibition from the “New Forces” series, with curator Bao Dong, “The God of Small Things”, contrary to the trend in Chinese contemporary art shows a preference of subtle things and sensibilities as a method of the artists instead of including historical consciousness, social feelings, theoretical ambitions ecc.


Until 13 May 2018

Lettres Du Voyant:
Joseph Beuys & Nam June Paik
How Art Museum

After a two years preparation the how art museum is pleased to announce its second exhibition Lettres du Voyant: Joseph Beuys x Nam June Paik.

The exhibition will show the works of the two avant-garde artists, the German Joseph Beuys (1921 - 1986) and the Korean-American Nam June Paik (1932 - 2006) through their solid friendship.


Until 30 April 2018

Throw Into The Wind
ShanghART M50

“Wind always circles around, brings and takes away.
It always takes away the once unforgettable things or the words we vowed to keep,
A hundred miles per hour.
But it never brings back the balloons it’s blown away.
If we have to be the blower of balloons,
Then, I’ll have to thank the wind for its gift of disappearance.
So, what do we owe the wind?”
- Liu Yi -


Thank you for catching up with us. Stay tuned for more Art-Buzz.
We keep our ears to the ground, checking what's moving and shaking.

Thank you for catching up with us.
Stay tuned for more Art-Buzz.

We keep our ears to the ground, checking what's moving and shaking.

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