SHANGHAI | Minhang | Ink Art Museum

Baolong Art Museum is backed by the collector Xu Jiankang.

Shanghai's museums boom continued late last year with the new Baolong Art Museum in the Qibao area of the city's Minhang suburb.

The 23,000 sq m private space, operating under the English name of Powerlong, is backed by the collector Xu Jiankang and his Baolong Group and presents some of his extensive collection of 19th- and 20th-century Chinese ink art.

The museum is part of Baolong's Minhang real estate development, which includes a mall and a luxury hotel as well as a commercial art gallery and auction house. Shanghai's is the second Powerlong Museum, following one in north Chinese port city Qingdao. The company also has commercial art centres in development with its properties in Hangzhou and Xiamen.

Powerlong is the first art museum in Minhang, situated near the Hongqiao International Airport, and the project delayed opening by two years due to construction setbacks, says the spokeswoman. It is part of a public-private partnership that will see the museum though not Xu's collection switch to public hands after its 20 year lease expires.