LONDON Spring Art Season 2018

United Kingdom • London • From: March 1, 2018 • To: May 31, 2018


Until 2 April 2018

Tate Modern

This is the largest amount of works by Modigliani ever reunited and displayed in the UK. The instantly recognizable pictorial style will lead you across 12 of his seductive nudes and portraits of his friends and partners.

A special room will also be dedicated to his lesser-known but undeniably spectacular sculptures.


Until 15 April 2018

Ferrari Under the Skin
The Design Museum

Through the right combination between engineering development and art you can discover the creation of the famous racing machine e and Ferrari’s powerful, creative and innovative personality.

The exhibition will show original models, engines, sketches and the behind-the-scenes of one of the most iconic car brand.


Until 27 May 2018

Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins.
Barbican Art Gallery

The show includes the Casa Susanna Collection, Paz Errazuriz, Pieter Hugo, Mary Ellen Mark and Dayanita Singh. A different, authentic and outsider world is represented by photographers through the camera lens. Minorities and subcultures show their own identity in this touching and unmissable exhibition.


Until May 6

T-shirt: Cult-Culture-Subversion
Fashion & Textile Museum

The most popular item of clothing is the center of this inspirational exhibition that expresses the strength of this simple but powerful garment through its history, culture and subversive.


9 April - 29 July 2018

Monet & Architecture 
National Gallery

For the very first time you have the chance to see more than 75 paintings by Monet that represent the architecture of his time. The exhibition moves from its famous landscapes to his close relationship with architecture showing paintings of London, Venice, Paris, Normandy and Rouen.


Until 22 April 2018

Andreas Gursky
Hayward Gallery

For the 50th anniversary year, Hayward Gallery features around 60 highly detailed photographs, from the early 1980s to his most recent work of one of the most significant photographers of our time.


Until 9 September 2018

The EY Exhibition, Picasso 1932- Love, Fame, Tragedy
Tate Modern

See Picasso as never before through his intensely creative period that was 1932.

More than 100 sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings are displayed for this first solo exhibition at tate modern.

Throw away your myth of Picasso and get ready to discover his complexity as a man and artist.


Until 14 April 2018

Happy Depression
Beers London

Daniel Jensen and Mark Posey, together for the first time. The connection between them is evident, silly materials and every day objects like bricks, bananas, socks, candles, plastic cups are turned into pieces of art, sculptures and paintings where elements are re-evaluated.


Until 7 April 2018

Andrew Gifford - India
John Martin Gallery

The exhibition exposes the innovative landscape painter’s works of Delhi, Kerala, Kolkata and Pondicherry after his amazing and emotional trips to India.


Until 7 April 2018

Roy Oxlade: Work from the 80s & 90s
Alison Jaques Gallery

The first solo exhibition of Oxlade’s work since his death in February 2014 aged 85, displays paintings from the 80s and 90s. This outstanding exhibition can expand our perception and knowledge about the use of the colour, theme and metaphors of the British painter.


Thank you for catching up with us. Stay tuned for more Art-Buzz.
We keep our ears to the ground, checking what's moving and shaking.

Thank you for catching up with us.
Stay tuned for more Art-Buzz.

We keep our ears to the ground, checking what's moving and shaking.



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