Another World | Marta Bevacqua

What if one day we woke up in Another World where we could only breathe underwater.
It's like this that the story begins.

Artistic conceptual video and video clip for Pegase Music.
Autumn 2016 - France

  • A film by Marta Bevacqua ( with Juliet Searle, Alexia Giordano
  • Cinematographer: Alfredo Altamirano
  • Music: Pegase
  • Producer: Laurent Cantin (Atlan Tilas 2016)
  • Make-up: Meyloo @ Bagency
  • Editor: Celia Nicolas
  • Assistant Director: Valentine Caille
  • Colorist: Remy De Vlieger
  • Steadicam Operator: Gregory Dupé
  • Assistant Camera: Tanguy Cadieu
  • Catering: Marie Jeanne Foucher
  • Source: Marta Bevacqua

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