SHANGHAI Summer Art Season 2018

Feature Image: Turning Point -40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art | Currently exhibited at Long Museum, West Bund.

Until 15 Jul 2018

Xue Song - 'Wander In Nature'
Shanghai Gallery of Art

Since holding his first major solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in 2010 and having a solo exhibition of specially commissioned works at the Palace Museum in 2016, Xuesong has shown a distinctive oriental temperament through his romantic, impressionistic painting style and uniquely created medium for paintings.


Until  26 July 2018

XU ZHEN® - 'Alien'
ShanghArt Gallery

XU ZHEN®’s persistent interest in subjects such as transforming, iterating and evolving the civilisation within the context of post-globalisation. As “Alien” is constructing an impression of the thrilling and the unknown, this exhibition will inspire the viewers’ imagination about future and primitivity.


Until 29 July 2018

Xiao Jiang - 'Right In Sight'
Vanguard Gallery

In this exhibition, Xiao Jiang continued his artistic practice by collecting materials from his daily life and recreating the images on canvas, based on photos. From screenshots of movies in his earlier artistic career to mundane things… all such themes that Xiao depicted are extends of his own life experience.

“Now, these paintings have nothing to do with life experiences nor personal memories, reality nor imagination. —- They are only about painting.”


Until 8 August 2018

Christy Lee Rogers - 'Muses'
Art Labor

A pioneer in underwater photographic style and technique, earning her international acclaim, her work embraces the unique quality of light refraction between the surface and layers of water, and her personal approach is to honor and explore the frailty of our existence within the elements around us.


Until 12 August 2018

'The Legacy of Architectonic Futurism'

For Woods “Architecture is war. War is architecture. I am at war with my time, with history, with all authority that resides in fixed and frightened forms.”

A group show in honor of the visionary and fantastical spirit of Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012). Woods was an artist, theorist, educator, and architect of the highest level whose politically charged and provocative illustrations were designs of systems in crisis: the order of the existing being confronted by the order of the new.


Until 20 August 2018

Chen Yingjie - 'Shaping the Essence'
Magda Danysz

“The concept of tangible and intangible, figurative and abstract is always presented in my painting…”

Yingjie combines landscape representation with abstract expressionism and utilises his splattered ink technique for even more interesting results.

In order to experience Chen Yingjie s creative process, where movement meets painting in an unprecedented way, the large central artwork of the show is executed during a special live painting moment.


Until August 26 2018

Lin Tianmiao - 'SYSTEMS'
RAM Rockbund Art Museum

The artist considers the exhibition to be a site-specific project exploring four key concepts: ‘individual consciousness’, ‘collective consciousness’, ‘public consciousness’, and ‘ultimate consciousness’. Each concept corresponds to a floor in the museum, from the second floor up to the sixth floor, as visitors embark on a sensorial journey of ‘consciousness’.

Curator Alexandra Munroe has organized many award-winning and critically acclaimed exhibitions that have promoted international scholarship and recognition on modern and contemporary Asian art.


Until 7 October 2018

'Charlie Chaplin. A Vision'
Yuz Museum

His remarkable vision of cinematic art and his open-minded spirit of exploration still have far-reaching impact and enlightening significance even today. Charlie Chaplin is the founder of modern comedy and one of the most influential performing artists and film directors of the 20th century.

Presented in chronological order, its aim is to help us better understand the modernity of Charles Chaplin and of his timeless character by shedding a new light on their deep humanism. Who was Charles Chaplin?


Until 07 October 2018

'Turning Point - 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art'
Long Museum / West Bund

In 1978, China stepped into the process of Chinese Economic Reform and Opening-up with the milestone opening of the Third Plenary Session. From this point, Chinese contemporary art has been undergoing an extraordinary pathway.

“This exhibition chronologically displays some of the collections of the Long Museum over the past 40 years, and proves that the 40-year art history is barely a turning point in the history. It’s a new start, we should appreciate the past achievements and in the meantime clarify the real mission for a brighter future. 


Until 15 October 2018

Leandro Ehrlich - 'Construction of Reality'
HOW Art Museum

The exhibition presents more than 30 representative works by Leandro Ehrlich. Covering large interactive devices, video installations, photography and other creative forms. Ehrlich used illusions of visual manufacturing to transform common sense in people's daily life through the transformation of the architectural space, thereby creating a delusional visual maze.