POSCA | 6000 kilometers

If you’re a fan of street art, you’ll love this video, directed by Remi Besse.

In Six-Mille, you get to follow Parisian street artist BEBAR as he heads 6 000km across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, New York City, on behalf of POSCA.

Honestly, we just love the way this clip, a true celebration of street culture, has been shot. It’s well worth a watch.

  • Directed by Remi Besse
  • Starring: Bebar
  • DOP: Mika Altskan
  • Original soundtrack: Philly gee sound mix Astromatic Sam
  • Post Production supervisor / grading: Pascal Bourelier
  • Animation: Simon Anding, Michiru Baudet, Ines Scheiber, Marilou Soller, Jonghyun Jung Boix