VIENNA | Nov 9 – No 16 | Lichtbogen 334
Salon Projectionist: Beyond Structure

„Salon Projektionist & XO & Beyond Structure“ is an unconventional exhibition, taking place at „Lichtbogen334“ in Vienna in partnership with XO & prod. (Berlin).

Be curious about different paintings, light installations and some live acts for the vernissage and finissage!

You’ll see the work of Ellend (Vienna), 4youreye (Vienna), Nicolas Dehais (Paris) and Victor Cos Ortega (Vienna).

The Vernissage will open on 9th of November at 17:00 pm.

The Finissage will be on the 16th of November at 17:00 pm.

During the week it’s a space for networking and enjoying the art.

Lichtbogen 334
Spittelauer Lände 12 | 
Stadtbahnbogen 334
1090 Wien | Austria


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