LONDON | until Dec 21 2018
Alison Jacques Gallery | Branko Vlahović

Alison Jacques is proud to present the first exhibition in the United Kingdom of the Croatian sculptor, Branko Vlahović (b. 1924, Bjelovar, Croatia; d. 1979, Zagreb, Croatia). The exhibition will comprise of work from the 1960s, bringing together key examples of Vlahović’s plaster sculptures alongside large-scale, monochrome drawings.

Sculptures will be shown alongside large-scale drawings that, although relate, do not function as preparatory drawings for Vlahović’s sculpture. They formalise his sculptural thinking in two-dimensions and bear the structural, hard-edges of the sculptures but lack the tactile materiality of plaster. Works such as Untitled, 1965-66 resemble technical drawings or production plans, a structure composed purely of diagonal linear marks which surround rectangular voids.

Image: © The Estate of Branko Vlahović, Zagreb


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