Sophie Kahn | Machines for Suffering V | 2018

Artistic Director and Curator David C. Terry’s exhibition represents a transition towards the future, embracing the gallery’s place in the artistic landscape of New York City.

Transfigured features four prolific, New York-based artists: Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Sophie Kahn, Andrea Dezsö, and Jaishri Abichandani.

The title Transfigured refers to C24 Gallery’s evolution as an art establishment, while also referencing the exhibition’s figurative work by artists who push their media to its fullest potential, in a wholly transformative manner.


Jaishri Abichandani | Gabe Barcia-Colombo | Andrea Dezsö | Sophie Kahn

Terry has long worked with each featured artist and recognizes their dialogue with one another as an homage to the New York’s art world.

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