Eric Benetto | The Tree | 2010 | Indian ink on medical radios

Eric Benetto | The choice | 2010 | Indian ink on medical radios

When Eric Benetto came across a poster for an exhibition of works by the miner and visionary artist Augustin Lesage in 1989, he instinctively grasped that this would be a way for him to draw on his own meditative practice to shape and transmit his visions.

His encounter with Abbé Coutant, who became a painter at the prompting of Gaston Chaissac, confirmed him in his belief that he, too, belonged to the same artistic family.

He continued drawing and, between trips to India, worked at a variety of jobs, from mending roads and carrying out opinion polls by telephone to guarding a chemical plant.

His works, suffused with subdued mysticism, are fascinating in their constant hesitation between the surface form of a stain and the canon of voices chanting the bewitching melody of his Cosmic Songs and Love Songs.

For several years, Eric Benetto has lived as a recluse in a religious community near Lyon but has spent his time gathering and drawing on found X-ray and MRI scans.

His ink drawings contain traces of mysticism, reinvented and poeticized organs, and conjured diseases. Occasionally his drawings approach 1.5 meters.

Eric Benetto literally calls forth light to reveal the deep mystery of his compositions.

Eric Benetto | Tribute to Julia | 2010 | Indian ink on medical radios

His works have been acquired by major collections including the Treger-St Silvestre collection in Portugal ; a selection was displayed at the Vieira da Silva museum in spring 2012 as part of a major exhibition on Art Brut and related concepts.

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