Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai is very pleased to present Pollen, the solo exhibition of the gallery’s newly represented artist Ugo Schildge (b.1987), marking this emerging European artist’s debut in Asia.

Featuring Schildge’s most recent works created during his two-month residency in Shanghai, Pollen encourages us to give a second look at the process of pollination — one crucial link in the entire ecosystem, and further examines human’s close rapport with nature through the artist’s allegoric narratives.

Initiated from the research on the articulation between image and movement, the artist has grown a key interest on cogwheel — a strong Industrial Revolution symbol highlighting the power of mechanics.

While exploring the mechanism of cogwheels to reinvent the source of the image, and their potential as the subject of an image, the artist has developed his unique language on wood panel.

Much more than a wake-up call for human development, Pollen puts the pollinators (and other overlooked crucial elements of our environment) into perspective, and highlights the true relationship between man and nature, but most of all, it invites the viewers into Schildge’s allegorical fantasy and completes it with their own imagination.