Two 5 Euro Cents Coins, One Is Pressed With The Finger Print Of The Artist.

With contrbutions by artists

Marco Cassani
Paolo Cirio
Igor Grubić
Michal Helfman
Agnieszka Kurant
Navid Nuur
Pratchaya Phinthong
Ana Prvački
David Rickard
Miri Segal
Slavs and Tatars
Jan Tichy
curated by Lucie Fontaine.

The etymology of the word “currency” relates to flowing, running, and circulating.

Aligned with this liquid condition, “₡ U R R € ₦ ₡ ¥” brings together works that deal with money as channel, money as concept, money as formal (or informal) structure.

The evolution of Conceptual Art overlapped with the end of the gold standard in the USA in 1971, and since then, the entwinement of art and finance has become evermore abstracted.

FOUNTAIN (GUNUNG KAWI), 2017 | Marco Cassani
Found And Collected Foreign And Indonesian Coins From The Gunung Kawi Temple Fountain
UNTITLED (1DOLLAR), 2015 | Michal Helfman | Oil Pastel, Acrylic On Paper

The artworks assembled in “₡ U R R € ₦ ₡ ¥” make manifest a double value – that of the artwork on the market, and that of the money and materials employed to make this work: From Miri Segal’s portrait of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto to Agnieszka Kurant’s representation of multiple forms of currency; from Michal Helfman’s drawing inspired by the greenish imagery of the US dollar to Pratchaya Phinthong’s installation around the exchange of rice in his native Thailand; from Paolo Cirio’s imagination of a new virtual currency to Goldin+Senneby’s bound documents of confidential trading strategies, acquired in exchange for artworks. These artworks perform in various ways the acrobatics of the complex relationships between art and money.

“₡ U R R € ₦ ₡ ¥” builds upon Lucie Fontaine’s previous exhibition “Soft Shock”, which revolved around the origins and philosophy of Bitcoin.

STOLEN POUND, 2018 | David Rickard | Copper One Penny Coins

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