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National Gallery Singapore


OUTBOUND is a new initiative that reimagines transitional spaces and key entrances at the Gallery through a series of unique artwork commissions, developed in collaboration with leading artists from around the world.

Beginning in 2018, the inaugural season will feature commissions from artists including Jane Lee (Singapore), Gary Carsley (Australia), Jeremy Chu (Singapore), Maria Taniguchi (Philippines), and Yee I-Lann (Malaysia), amongst others.

Each commission will be displayed for at least three years, acting as an artistic landmark that guides visitors through otherwise ordinary passages while highlighting features of the Gallery’s iconic architecture.

OUTBOUND provokes a reconsideration of transitional spaces as sites for critical reflection, meaningful encounters, curiosity and playfulness.

It transforms spaces into platforms that generate new interpretations and narratives about the Gallery and the region, tapping into dialogues on placemaking and revivifying the relationship between artists, museums and audiences.