BERLIN | Sep 13 - Oct 5, 2019

BBA Gallery

Poetics of Change II

Poetics of Change is a touring exhibition that has premiered in Dubai in Spring 2019.

BBA Gallery has gathered together a dynamic group of artists whose works draw upon the poetics of change and explore themes of transition and transformation.

This bringing together of unique visions, culminates in a vibrant, thought-provoking show that encompasses painting, hand-printed silkscreen, photography, video art and sculpture.

Vishal Shah’s video piece, ‘Epoh’ (the word hope written backwards) tells the story of an adventurer’s journey from planet Earth into unknown areas of the Universe. Shah’s vision immerses the viewer into this extraordinary protagonist’s feelings as they encounter new territory.

Renata Kudlacek’s hand printed silk screen prints emphasize the science of life through transitional states of metamorphosis, represented by a rich abundance of entangled flowers, leaves and butterflies.

Giulietta Coates’ photographic interpretations of landscapes, form allegories for beauty and its loss, reminding us of the greatest transition we all face – that of our own mortality.

Nele Ouwens’ paintings transform imagined encounters between humans, animals and nature into poetic environments that shift and change between realism and surrealism.

Silvia Binda Heiserova’s paintings investigate the repetitive elements within the modern urban space by transforming them into colours and forms in order to question the possibility of change within power structures from a critical feminist perspective.

Susanne Piotter’s fictional landscape prints and concrete architectural sculptures are an inventive visual manifestation of the dualism between nature versus culture and the role that it plays in the transition between past, present and future.

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