Junge Kunst Berlin presents the upcoming exhibition„De / Contructed“ with huge new paintings from Benjamin Burkard and little paintings on paper  from Florian Eymann.

Surreal-looking scenes of catastrophe, battles of colour and mechanical worlds – these are the passionate subjects of the young painter Benjamin Burkard.

Machines or mechanical parts frequently take on the form of animals or human beings, technological and bio-morphological pictorial elements become fused.

Destruction and accident are part of the pictorial discovery. Skilfully painted, irritating pictorial worlds that are fascinating in their ambiguity and that sometimes seem mysterious and dramatically staged, but that always also contain a playful and humorous element.

Mariam Abbas | Another Man’s Throne | 2018

Benjamin Burkard was born in 1986 in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatinate) and has already been the recipient of numerous awards.

​Florian Eymann, born 1980 in Auxerre, France, tries to reinterpret conventional portraits. In addition to distortion and deformation, Eymann integrates expressive elements, deconstructing and interpreting faces with high contrasts and abstract, impasto paint application.

In addition to solo and group exhibitions in Copenhagen, Paris, London and New York, he participated in numerous fairs such as the Scope Art Fair (Miami and Basel) the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair (Miami).

Florian Eymann lives and works in Orléans, France.

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