PARIS | until May 23, 2019

1831 Art Gallery

Voyages Imaginaires

Between memories of travels and dreamlike journeys, the exhibition «Voyages Imaginaires» explores the sources of inspiration of seven female artists, seven female visionaries, in search of somewhere else and inner escapes.

Paintings, beadwork, sculptures, assemblies and drawings will be presented.

Seven journeys, seven dialogues, in the form of an invitation to discover the exhibition «Voyages Imaginaires».

Lætitia Disone-Lachmann – Painter, Yvelyne Tropéa – Plastician – Textile artist, Aude Herlédan – Painter – Sculptor, Nadège Mouyssinat – Sculptor – Ceramist, Eleanor Lakelin – Wood sculptor, Monika Debus – Ceramist, Séverine Duparcq – Ceramist.