MELBOURNE | until Jun 22, 2019

ARC ONE Gallery


The sacredness of something is a selection of large-format works on paper from the last three years of Shmith’s work.

One imperfect way of categorising them is to distinguish between what we might call the transit images and the scale images.

The former, which constitute the plurality of this exhibit, are a kind of hybrid of landscape and figure.

Passengers on what appear to be commuter trains are captured in reflections on the glass of the windows they sit opposite.

While these figures are the centres of visual gravity, the place our eye is eventually drawn, their almost ghost-like figures are subsumed in the much larger field of the passing landscape seen out through the window of the moving train and the play of light it creates on the glass.

Foreground, figure, and background are less defined spaces than the slightly blurred layering of all three in motion.

The seemingly mundane subject of a commute is rendered existential.