AMSTERDAM | Jun 06 - Aug 24, 2019

Wanrooij Gallery

Evolution | Christian Voigt

For Christian Voigt's new series Evolution the fine art photographer has portrayed prehistoric skeletons against a black backdrop.

Huge dinosaurs, three-dimensional, almost alive.

Fantasy fiction becomes reality.

The gallery shows an intriguing selection of large-format photographs.

Christian Voigt has received international recognition for his monumental, hyper-realistic landscape and architectural photography, in particular interiors of museums and libraries.

His life motive is the search for beauty, underpinned by perfectionism. With Evolution, the artist has radically expanded both his visual vocabulary and his portfolio of photographic techniques.

The idea for the new series came to him in 2017 when he was photographing the immense skeleton of a blue whale hanging in the Natural History Museum in London.

Specially conceived frames are integral parts of the very detailed pictures of delicate skeletons, with hyper-ideal lighting and uncannily crisp contours of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops Duo.

The authentic photographs of dinosaurs have been taken with large-format analogue cameras in natural history museums in Berlin, Denkendorf, Frankfurt am Main and London.

Voigt is one of Germany’s most successful photographic artists. 

The iconic, autonomous work of the artist has been presented at more than 100 exhibitions in mainly Europe and the USA.

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