DORTMUND | Germany | until Jun 06, 2019


Full Colour | Fransje Killaars

Curated by Inke Arns (HMKV), the international group exhibition deals with forms of right-wing populism, which, especially today, use the Internet and social media to disseminate ideas.

The Alt-Right Complex traces the development from a (sub)culture of transgression in online forums such as 4chan to platforms such as Breitbart News.

The artists deal with memes (e.g. Pepe the Frog, probably the most famous symbol of the Trump followers), with figures such as Steve Bannon, flag worship, the prepper scene, White Supremacists and Dark Enlightenment.

A wide variety of artistic media can be seen in the exhibition: comics, wall paintings, videos, (video) installations, posters to take away, game instructions, net art, an artists' book, a speculative museum and a flag machine.

The exhibition is accompanied by a critical glossary with more than 30 entries that briefly explains the most important terms.

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