Beer Cans: A Surprising New Canvas

Beer Cans: A Surprising New Canvas

As the demand for craft beer is increasing worldwide, breweries are seeking out design differentiators that will set them apart from their competitors.

The art of craft beer labels, a design sector where collaborations between esteemed artists and beer companies are achieving new heights of creativity.

Ranging from label designs that could stand alone as artwork to designs that are defining brand aesthetics, the relationship between beer and art makes the beer can the modern record sleeve.

Here are 7 of our favorite designs:


Artist: Sophie De Vere

Beer: Whiplash


Artist: David Lynch

Beer: Mikkeller


Artist: Karl Grandin

Beer: Omnipollo


Artist: James Yeo

Beer: Left Handed Giant


Artist: Mike Van Hall

Beer: Stillwater Artisanal


Artist: Clay Hickson

Beer: Marzbrewing


Artist: Jamie Tam

Beer: Foam Brewers

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