COPENHAGEN | until April, 2020


Martha Tuttle

New York based artist Martha Tuttle graduated from the Yale School of Art with an MFA in 2015. Now Tuttle will exhibit at a solo show in Copenhagen.

Tuttle's work often involves intricate weaving of fabric, as she explains:

'Although I consider my work to be within a painting discourse, I use mostly textile techniques such as spinning, weaving and dyeing.

I see these practices as allowing material variation, as well as touch (my own, a place’s, a process’s) to be recorded into material form.

I spin the wool I use, by hand because it allows for the variation of line to be determined by the energy of my body, and the qualities of the fleece.

I then weave, boil, and compress to create textile material of wavering density and with memory of spun contour."

Amaliegade 6, Copenhagen

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