LUMA | Seeing Your Voice

Lisa Park and Kevin Siwoff

Artists Lisa Park and Kevin Siwoff are responsible for the interactive sound and light installation, LUMA, that combines bioluminescence - the production and emission of light by a living organism - and playful imagination. 

Developed specifically for the Red Bull Studios New York, this installation is made up of 40 cell-responsive clusters that light up according to sound collected from 2 microphones.

One of these microphones is placed inside the LUMA installation, while the other is located outside of the building, allowing passerbyers to interact with the piece.

Depending on the range of audio, the clusters light up to different extents. 

Park and Siwoff met to begin working on this project in NEW INC, an art-incubator fostering a non-traditional art and technology community. 

In regards to the inspiration for this work, Siwoff says ““...we wanted to play with... seeing your voice.” LUMA makes this a reality, while exploring the crossroads between innovation, culture, and technology.  

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