NEW YORK City | Jun 8 – Aug 18, 2019 | Deep Sea Sustainability Experience

“Ocean Cube”, a New York City pop-up exhibit, offers an exquisite futuristic deep sea world picturing life in 2119. The exhibition immerses visitors in a fantastical, bioluminescent experience.

Despite glowing lights and beautifully crafted jellyfish, the exhibition’s design draws attention to ocean conservation concerns and the dire need for greater sustainability practices.

The exhibition unfolds across five rooms which highlight these concerns.

The rooms include a “Net Guard” space lined with fishing nets protecting visitors from trash and a “Bubble Mall” in which each bubble represents a commercial item. 

The exhibit's underlying message shouldn't deter viewers from appreciating the tranquil experience that the exhibition yields. 

Randy Fernando, one of the designers of the “Jellyfish Station” room notes “You end up immersing yourself into a tranquil and meditative state in a field of these delicate creatures and cool color tones.”

“Ocean Cube”’s final room features its most obvious nod to ocean sustainability and preservation, titled the “Recycle Bank”.

The space depicts a sea of plastic bottles urging viewers to consider where their trash ends up. 

The exhibition allows viewers to write down nightmares related to the current state of the Earth and them behind.

The underwater enclave represented by “Ocean Cube” offers a whimsical and idyllic experience where viewers can appreciate the aesthetics of the ocean as well as touches of activism which urges viewers to remember the stark state of the environment.

10am - 8pm
60 Grand St

New York
NY 10013

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