Unconventional Art Galleries

Menorca | Ibiza | Aspen

New art experiences await art viewers and collectors as a growing number of galleries open up shop outside city centers.

The new experiences will be ones full of sun, local cuisine, and interesting scenery.

Menorca, Spain

Hauser & Wirth is a gallery exemplifying this trend, creating an art center off the coast of Spain on the small island of Menorca slated to open in 2020.

The venture will include an exhibition hall, public garden, restaurant, and space for educational programming. 

The project is similar to the gallery’s rural Somerset location in the southwest of England, where the gallery took over a farm and created exhibition spaces, a bookshop, restaurant, farm shop, and meadow.

Artists and collectors alike have had an overwhelmingly positive response to these locations, believing that the interesting venues open a new way of experiencing and thinking about art.

Aspen, USA

Marianne Boesky has also branched out, opening a gallery in an alpine resort in Aspen, Colorado.

She believes the context in which art is viewed is essential to the experience of the art. 

Boesky organized a show called “Tonic of Wildness,” in the Aspen location and doesn’t believe it would’ve had the same effect in New York and may have completely decided against running it in that location.

Madrid’s Parra & Romero also saw the benefits of opening a second space in the unexpected location on the island of Ibiza. The gallery is extremely different than it’s traditional counterpart in Madrid. 

Many times, the shows in Ibiza greatly vary from those in Madrid and artists create site-specific projects with the venue and space in mind.

Ibiza, Spain

The idea of establishing dialogues with local communities is a guiding principle for all of these galleries, especially for Galleria Continua.

The gallery’s many unusual locations in unconventional cities, including Havana, Cuba and San Gimignano, Italy, have not affected their ability to represent large artists. 

“We have always believed that good art has the ability to attract people no matter where it is,” notes Mario Cristinei, a founder of Galleria Continua.

Opening galleries in these unusual spaces is about finding a place where artists can engage with both the space and with the city, inspiring the artist and the viewer to see art in a new way. 

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