Robotic Dreams

When searching for a photo on the internet, Google's artificial intelligence is used to sort through millions of images, interpret them and return the right one you’re looking for when you make a query using the search engine.

Though nothing like a human brain, the networks uses 10-30 stacked layers of artificial neurons with each layer doing its job in incremental order to come to an “answer” by the final output layer is finished. 

While not dead-on, the network seems to return results better than anything we’ve seen before and as a by-product, it can also “dream.”

These artificial dreams output some fascinating images to say the least, going from virtually nothing (white noise) to something that looks out of a surrealist painting. Pictured is one of Google's AI's renderings of a "dream". Who says computers can’t be creative?

POTD 20190818 | Image by Google's Artificial Intelligence


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