SEOUL | Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art | Permanent Collection

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art opened in 2004 and has grown to be one of the leading museums in Korea. 

The museum displays traditional, contemporary, and international art, embodying the beauty of Korea as well as representing the energy of current times and reflecting that values coexist worldwide. 

The permanent collection consists of both Traditional Korean Art and of Modern and Contemporary Art. 

All genres of Korean art, such as ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, Buddhist art, metal craft, and woodwork, make up the Traditional Korean Art Collection. 

These artworks are from prehistoric times through the Joseon Dynasty (1395-1910).

The collection of fine work is representative of Korea’s long history and is highly valuable for scholarly research.

Paintings, photography, video, sculpture, and installations make up the modern art from Korean and other International artists. 

The modern and contemporary art collection comprises Korean works from 1910 onwards as well as international art from 1945 onward. 

In addition to its permanent collection, the museum has “living art”, a harmonious view of nature and beautifully crafted architecture over the Hangang River. 

There is an extensive team that works daily for the museum in order to conserve the pieces. The team comes up with and applies restoration methods for the various mediums so history is conserved and future generations can enjoy the art.

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