LONDON | Oct 18 - Feb 09, 2020

The Photographer’s Gallery

Shot In Soho

Feature Image: John Goldblatt Untitled
from the series ‘The Undressing Room’, 1968 © John Goldblatt

William Klein Men hidden their faces / 69 Sauna & Massage © William Klein

Although the area of Soho is relatively small (one square mile) and bordered by some of London’s richest and most commercialised streets, it has remained a complex place of unorthodoxy, diversity, tolerance and defiance.

Shot in Soho is an original exhibition celebrating Soho’s diverse culture, community and history of creative innovation as well as highlighting its position as a site of resistance.

The exhibition draws on the history, the myths and the characters of this hotbed of unpredictability, disobedience, eccentricity and tightly-knit communities.

In many ways Soho has remained London’s rebellious teenager.

It has been a place where anything goes and as creative as it has been sleazy.

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