SHANGHAI | until Jan 12, 2020

Long Museum

Firefly and Light- Tsun-shing Cheng

Photographic Exhibition Part Two of A Personal Passage

Curated by Gu Zheng, the show will include 136 original, personally exposed silver halide prints that have been meticulously collected for 40 years, inviting visitors to gaze into the perspective of the artist, and experience the “Twilight of the Gods” at the end of the 1970s (1976 - 1980) in the aura and social climates of European countries such as France, Britain, Ireland, among others, and American cities. Condensed emotions and ideas clash within the camera lens, as if full of vitality, reproduced before our eyes. Concurrently, a three-year darkroom process is inventively included in this exhibition as a unique focal point.

In contrast to the 2015 exhibition “Won’t Someone Bring the Light” of Cheng’s self-taught, youthful, provincial and wild period, the works in “Firefly and Light” were completed during his rigorous training in France, the site of the invention of photography.

The artist has appropriately designated a name for this particular period of impact and infiltrations: “mixedblood gaze.” This collection has also witnessed the last, vast moment in the golden era of Western ideology, with the rising rift of racial tension and class conflict in the late Cold War period.

During this nebulous, twilight period of avant-garde in Western Europe, there were few students of Asian descent in France. Through the documentation of a rare Asian photographer, the work presents a perspective and view distinct from Western photographers, encapsulating the social atmosphere and reality of the time, and a unique Eastern nostalgia and spirit felt in cultural convocation.

The gaze of mixedblood, heterogeneous regeneration is the expression of “Firefly and Light”.