BERLIN | until Jan 11, 2020

Galerie Thomas Schulte

Maria Loboda

Woman observing the Alpha Persei Cluster

Maria Loboda

In her site-specific installation, Loboda responds to the spatial parameters of the exhibition space and its history.

Drawing inspiration from the findings of an ancient Egyptian burial site, 1920s Cubist architecture, a 1970s international SciFi comic book hit and a 60 million year old gigantic stellar constellation the artist creates a multilayered, transhistorical environment in which different aspects and meanings come into view in relation to changes and shifts in perspective of visitors and passersby.

The title for Loboda’s installation is taken from a caption found underneath a photograph in a newspaper, “Woman observing…,” which inspired the artist to want to make the unknown female observer—who ambiguously can also be read as the artist herself—look or marvel at something gigantic like the Alpha Persei Cluster.

This cluster of stars in the stellar constellation Perseus is between 50 and 70 million years old. The Alpha Persei, the biggest and brightest of the stars, is 56 times larger than the sun. Loboda in her installation domesticates the colossal natural phenomenon from outer space and integrates it into her large wall drawing of an architectural interior.


With her dialectical and egalitarian approach to history, Loboda creates works, which play with scale in relation to time and space, both on a physical and a mental level.

Evoking ancient and mysterious histories and colossal natural phenomena and architectural sites as well as domestic and mundane scenes and narratives, the artist with her installation transforms the exhibition space into a decaying bourgeois interior, burial chamber, living room and archaeological site, oscillating between interior and exterior, nature and culture, macrocosm and microcosm.

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