BUCHAREST Romania | National Museum of Contemporary Art | Seeing History 1947 – 2007. The MNAC Collection

The history of Romanian contemporary art is presented with an equal emphasis on the documentary and artistic dimensions, on the production of culture and on the context determining it, in the exhibition dedicated to the permanent MNAC Collection, Seeing History 1947 - 2007, located on the first floor of the museum.

Thus, Romania’s contemporary history and art history enter into dialogue through the systematic display of one of our country’s most eclectic museum collections.

Inherited mostly from other institutions and reflecting, up until 1990, the purchase mechanisms of the former communist cultural propaganda structures, the MNAC collection is able to contribute to a nuanced outlook on Romanian artistic life, from a perspective guided not only by value criteria but also by an overview of the social, economic and political context that influenced its becoming.

Seeing History (1947-2007) is designed as an open platform for presentation, analysis, and debate, following the principles of collective curating and bound to continuously change through the accumulation of knowledge.


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