DRESDEN | until Dec 2020 | OSTRALE | Interim year 2020 – Between Biennales

Germany • Dresden • From: January 1, 2020 • To: December 31, 2020

In the coming year of 2020, the OSTRALE will present some of the works that have just been shown in Dresden in other cities as well, among others the European Capital of Culture Rijeka (Croatia).

The city of Dresden is also applying to become the European Capital of Culture in 2025.

Emina VišnićDirector ofRijeka 2020, announces: "The OSTRALE has already enriched several European Capital of Culture programmes in recent years, as in Pécs (Hungary, 2010), Wroclaw (Poland, 2016), Valletta (Malta, 2018) and other partner cities. This time, in Rijeka, under the title 'Watergate', it will integrate its current concept '-ism' into our three main themes 'Work, Migration and Water'.".

"We are extremely delighted that in the coming interim year of the Biennale we will again be able to help shape the programme for a European Capital of Culture. 'Watergate' will combine elements of this year's exhibition themes 'Ismus', 'WomanIsm' and 'MigARTion'", Andrea Hilger is also pleased to report.

The presentation in Rijeka will not be the only OSTRALE tour abroad in 2020. Antka Hofmann, one of the curators of the OSTRALE Biennale: "With our project 'WomanIsm' we will make guest appearances in Uganda and Kenya, working together with exciting partners such as the Goethe Centre in Kampala and the Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi".

WomanIsm is supported by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and by the "ifa" Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.



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