Rest Energy is a 4-minute long performance video made in 1980 by artists Marina Abramović and Ulay.

The two face each other and Ulay aims an arrow tensed on the bow straight at Abramović's heart.

What you could describe as a harrowing ordeal is actually a portrayal of total trust and vulnerability, inherent in every close relationship where the people love each other, and rooted in extremism.

What makes this piece raw and resonant with emotions is the fact that the two artists had fallen in love and were in a relationship at the time of shooting this piece.

The entire video is more intense as they had microphones hooked on their hearts such that with the progress of the performance, there was an increase in the tempo and intensity of their heartbeats.

Also, an interesting contributing factor to the birth of this piece is the fact that both artists were born on 30th November hence were both Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of the Archer.

This formed the basis of choosing the bow and arrow as the weapon of choice to approach and link with each other.

Credit: Public Delivery


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