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Tapestry of Fading Gardens

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Drawing together the warp and weft of any weaving on a loom, one watches in fascination as the pattern/image slowly appears, built up of different yet related threads.

The spread of Pakistan’s contemporary art comes together laden with remnants of classical tradition, iconoclastic modernisms, indigenous peculiarities and cross country conversations.

Often nurtured in art institutions and artists’ studios, the range of works in this exhibition defies neat categories except for a discernable allegiance to linear explorations of form.

Stemming from texts and loyalties to mark-making, the works are gently patterned and lyrical in their exploration of mediums and materials.

Featuring both emerging talent and well established names like Adeela Suleman, Salima Hashmi, Ghulam Mohammad, Saba Qizilbash, Sarah Ahmad and Ali Kazim.

The Tapestry of Fading Gardens offer a diverse sampling of the art scene from Lahore, Karachi and Quetta alongside artists from remoter corners of the country.

There are new names here and fresh twists in familiar practices.

Featured Artists

  • Adeela Suleman
  • Affan Bahgpati
  • Ali Kazim
  • Farrukh Adnan
  • Ghulam Mohammad
  • Huma Iftikhar
  • Maheen Ausaf
  • Muzzumil Ruheel
  • Saba Qizilbash
  • Salima Hashmi
  • Sarah Ahmad
  • Shah Abdullah Alamee
  • Shakila Haider
  • Sheraz Faisal
  • Wardha Shabbir
  • Yasir Waqas


10, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1
Dubai, UAE

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