Teddy Bear Window Scavenger Hunt

Teddy Bear Hunt

'Teddy Bear Hunt': Stuffed animal scavenger hunts are making life bearable for bored kids

Teddy bears are appearing everywhere along streets made empty by coronavirus.

And they're fair game for bored kids turned hunters.

The stuffed animals are appearing in windows around the world in global "Teddy Bear Hunts" for children — uniting neighborhoods and giving children an exciting, social-distancing-safe scavenger hunt activity during coronavirus lockdowns.

Teddy Bear Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Matthew Berry of Clearwater rests a Teddy Ruxpin stuffed bear on an oak tree in the front yard of his home on Friday in his neighborhood, which is one of many which have exploded with bears in the windows and on front porches and lawns so the kids can count them while on walks at a safe social distance. [DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Times]

The bears are appearing in locations as far flung as New Zealand.

Canadian journalist and mother of a 4-year-old Daniele Hamamdjian was impressed, tweeting, "To the parent (it’s gotta be a parent) who came up with this idea, THANK YOU.

Explaining to a 4-year old why playdates aren’t allowed anymore is heartbreaking, so 'Going on a Bear Hunt' during our walks is the distraction we needed."

Joshua Hooper, 4, spots two bears in the window of neighbor Wayne Honigford's house on Tern Lane in Clearwater's Feather Sound neighborhood.

People across the globe are placing stuffed bears and other animals in the windows or front lawn for kids to find as they walk or drive through for a "bear hunt."

[courtesy Jessica Hooper]

Teddy Bear Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Children also are spreading rainbows outside, drawing them in chalk on sidewalks and driveways.

Who doesn’t need a little cheer during these times.

Partially sourced @ Tampa Bay Times & US News

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