Brazilian boy sits on Brazilian man's shoulders cheering in a crowd of football spectators
Brazilian boy sits on Brazilian man's shoulders cheering in a crowd of football spectators

Cheering the Goal

In the final of the Copa Libertadores, fans of Brazil’s Flamengo football team cheer as Gabriel Barbosa scores against defending champions River Plate of Argentina. 

Broadcasted on giant screens during a watch party at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, fans watched Flamengo win the Copa Libertadores - South American club football's highest-level competition - for the first time in 38 years. 

Barbosa made this victory possible by scoring two goals in the final few minutes, ensuring a comeback for Flamengo who won the match 2-1. The boy’s painted beard resembles that of his hero, Barbosa.

Photo: Silvia Izquierdo


Banksy’s Balloon Girl

Banksy’s Balloon Girl Eric Ward | San Francisco We created a video for a German startup company called Hackerbay

human sculpture artist performance art paint covered woman multicolor colour pouring Millie Brown Celestial Bodies

Human Sculpture

Human Sculpture British performance artist, Millie Brown, becomes a human sculpture as multi-coloured paint is poured onto her head

3D illusion graffiti street art

Incredible Painted Illusions

Incredible Painted Illusions French street artist Scaf interacts with his art by dressing up and posing for photos in

Algerian Desert Functions as a Museum

Algerian Desert Functions as a Museum

Algerian Desert Functions as a Museum Although he is well-known for his documentation of 9/11, Thomas Hoepker shot this

beach image with rocks shown with edited vintage cafe sign edited into the scene

Dreamscapes in the Real World

Dreamscapes in the Real World In his photo series, Invasivo, photographer Samm Escobar Solano blends photography with stark digital


Ottamthullal “Ottamthullal” is a type of performing art from Kerala in south India, which takes place during an annual

Scale It Up

Scale it up Human Scale Artist Charles Ray stands beside his piece Fall ‘91

Burning man fire wood octopus large wooden effigy summer festival

Burning Man

Burning Man

A Whale Sculpture Catches a Crashed Train

This photo was taken after an almost catastrophic crash had happened back in November 2020. A train had pummelled

Whose Hopes Whose Fears Barbara Kruger Photo-manipulation Photography collage lettering slogan bold phrases

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger Much of Kruger's work pairs found photographs with pithy and assertive text that challenges the viewer.

Swiss Sunrise

Swiss Sunrise Winter fog crawls over Wasserflue mountain located in northern Switzerland. The illusion of movement in this image


Brexit This wall painting by artist Banksy in Dover (UK) shows a worker, who hammered a star from the

installation provocative joker art hanging horse taxidermy

Horsing Around

Horsing Around With stuffed horses and golden toilets, Maurizio Cattelan truly is a provocateur of the art world.

man jumps into pool at summer camp in vintage photograph

Butlin’s Holiday Camp: British Summer Nostalgia

Butlin's Holiday Camp: British Summer Nostalgia  Glamorous grandmother competitions and amusement arcades are the foundation of Billy Butlin’s vision

Milky Way seen in Australia. Photograph: Bill Blair/Getty Images

Chair Lift Star Gazing

Chair Lift Stargazing A stunning view of the night sky was captured in Charlotte Pass, Australia.