Mural of George Floyd painted by artist eme_freethinker

Art In Remembrance of George Floyd Emerges Globally

In wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, artists have quickly responded with works of art, attempting to spread awareness of injustice and memorialize Floyd. 

For artists, creativity is a channel that allows them to speak out within their communities. 

Minneapolis artists Greta McLain, Xena Goldman, and Cadex Herrera acted quickly and painted a wall mural at the location of Floyd’s arrest three days after his death.

Courtesy Cadex Herrera

The mural depicts a likeness of Floyd with his name and a sunflower behind him. Additionally written are names of other African Americans who have been killed by police.

For Herrera art helps him to heal.

“Art is therapy. Art can say things you cannot express with words...”

The movement which demands justice for George Floyd and other African Americans that have been brutally murdered is part of the larger Black Lives Matter movement and has expanded far beyond Minneapolis. 

People worldwide urge for police officers involved in unjust murders to be arrested, stereotypes to be dismantled, and for there to be changes within governmental systems and laws. 

Artist Shirien Damra’s memorial image dedicated to George Floyed has been shared all over the world through social media.

"I hope that my colors and imagery help the viewers process difficult emotions and events and come out of it with some hope and inspiration." Damra says. 

Courtesy Shirien Damra

Art helps to bring communities together during this time of grieving and urges viewers to combat stereotypes. Additionally, art serves as a call to action for viewers to get out into the world, spread awareness, and make a change.

Credit: Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

The art being created as memorial images for George Floyd also serves a major purpose in bringing attention to the larger social issues at hand. It can touch emotions that eventually help us move toward social justice. 

As protests erupt throughout the US, memorials, demonstrations, and art is created all over the world demanding change. 

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