NYC Art Studio belonging to Julie Mehretu

A Sneak Peek into the Studios of NYC Artists

To many, artist studios are seen as private spaces of mystery and creativity. These associations stem from long histories of famous artists’ studios such as Leonardo da Vinci who kept his studio small to discipline his mind and avoid distractions. 

“Since their earliest days, artist studios have been defined by their isolation from the outside world,” Marco Anelli

Credit: Marco Anelli

Marco Anelli, a New York City based photographer, offers a glimpse into the private spaces of accomplished artists in his book “Artist Studios New York.”

From 2011 to 2019 Anelli observed 43 artists in the intimate seclusion of their workspaces.

He captured the mystique and magic of artist studios. The workspaces are telling of the artists’ work styles as well as their personalities. 

Some artists manage their studios with assistants who can work on multiple projects in a more established space, some artists work in spaces that are set up like a beautiful gallery, and others belonging to younger artist are often chaotic and left with traces from past projects.

The studio of interdisciplinary artist Nate Lowman located in Tribeca is often paint-splattered and doubles as his apartment.

 "The way you adapt to a room and work with its limitations -- where you put the tools, which corner you spend time thinking and painting in -- is analogous to the artistic process itself. I think it's one of the reasons why people find studios so appealing," 

Credit: Marco Anelli

Performance artist Abramović has very different habits when it comes to creating. She has often argued that routine is the end of everything and spent long stretches of her career working out of a van.

“I don’t have the sense of home that many artists have, going to the studio every day to create. For me, that’s a trap.”

Credit: Marco Anelli

Another notable studio was that of Joyce Pensato who filled her space with various inspirations and artifacts.

Information about her idols and inspirations cover Pensato’s studio, speaking to her motives, personality, and artistic practices.

Pensato considers her studio essential to her practice.

Anelli moved to New York and knew it would be the focus of his work. Despite New York City’s high rent costs, the City remains America’s artistic capital as it is home to 55,000 artists.

“Its this incredible energetic epicenter. You wake up in the morning and everything vibrates,” Abramović describes the city.  

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