Pareidolia: la reconnaissance picturale depuis les hommes des cavernes

One function of our brain is to recognize the objects and shapes of our environment … 

to warn us, protect us, socialize us … it only takes us which milliseconds to recognize a shape, a process …in a cave before affixing a pictogram, the cavemen observe with the torch … they see shadows forming a bestiary & others against the walls … their brains deceive them … the illuminated artists storytellers will strengthen the features of the pre-forms observed & see the space of the hunting scenes and so many other stories

We are guided by the pareidolia-c spirits of our environment, especially when it is formless …

 our brain does not like that and fills it with resemblances … we must not forget that the transmission of mental information this done by mental oral signals

-the little voice in your head: it’s your internal ticker that works!


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