Diary Book of an artist of Salvatore Capriglione

INTRODUCTION to the Book of Capriglione Salvatore Diary of an Artist:

The Diary of an artist is nothing more than the continuation of the first book I Colori dell’Anima, published in 2010 with the publisher Damiano.

The reason for the artist’s journey from painting to writing was mentioned in it. At a certain point in his existence, he felt the need to transcribe the experience of life, travel, passion, art, so that it could become everyone’s heritage. In the first text I Colori dell’Anima there was much talk of the vicissitudes from childhood to mature man, of some experiences of travel and art, of love for his wife, while in the second text Diary of an artist, laurea concentrates the his attention in the search for our Christian origins.

A meticulous diary of an artist who, through the instant emotion of the wonderful places visited, inoculates culture, creates works that have become important in the artistic panorama, converts to hope and faith.

A collection of sensory and extrasensory notes accompanied by the ability, through the skilful eye of a painter, to lighten and make available to all a Christian story of millennia, sometimes heavy and tortuous, which involved the Holy Land and in particular way to the city of Jerusalem.

Descend into the mysteries of the Sons of Light (Essenes), the figure of St. John the Baptist, James the Just and the Qumran scrolls. The sacred and profane wonders of the seventh wonder of the world: Petra. An interesting, artistic, research diary, enjoyable for all ages.

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