PlayStation 5’s Daring Design Creates Havoc : Can a consumption product be art?

TVs, PCs and gaming stations are now a stable part of our home décor.

That’s the thought that led Jim Ryan’s hand while designing the new captivating – and openly discussed – PlayStation 5. 

“The PlayStation sits in the living area of most homes, and we kind of felt it would be nice to provide a design that would really grace most living areas “ (Ryan to the BBC). 

The idea is to create a console that looks like furniture or ornament and constitutes an organic element in the house.

The games cases will follow the design shift and adapt to the new colours: while the PS4 games were characterized by the blue band on top, the PS5s will go back to the black and white palette, returning to their origins.

Marcel Duchamp – Roue de bicyclette

This is not a breakthrough invention as far as art is concerned.

In fact, turning everyday objects into pieces of art dates back to the Dada movement and finds its actual roots in the 50’s pop art. 

When in 1913 Marcel Duchamp decided that a bicycle wheel or a urinal had its own artistic personality, he opened the doors to what Warhol’s pop art was all about: 

Dignify and exalt the beauty of consumption goods that especially during the economic boom were constantly growing.

In that context, frigdes, radios, toasters and even microwaves would contribute to the design of the living spaces of every western home.

Interior design would not be limited to simple furniture such as sofas or armchairs and curtains, but would also consider technological articles.

Since the announcement of the new PlayStation design, many customers have expressed their disappointment by creating satirical pictures or versions of the new console. 

Here’s some examples:

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