5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

As the fear of the lockdown to continue is felt all across the world, there’s an anxiety in the air about how our future is going to look. With the economic slowdown and increasing deaths due to the virus, a lot of us feel troubled while we spend our days at home.

So, here I shall be putting out my tips to keep myself motivated and entertained throughout the day and I can truthfully say, it works wonders for me. I hope they can be of some help to you all.

Sometimes all you need is FIVE seconds to quickly make a decision and working on it

The most difficult part of life in a lockdown is to “begin something”. The lethargy doesn’t help either does the lack of motivation. It requires constant efforts to push yourself to do something that you can call “productive”.

I personally feel any activity you do at home that requires even a bit of effort is productive. It could be cleaning, cooking, washing, bathing, or even playing a game with your family.

It gives us the opportunity to learn how to build a home. When you suddenly feel the urge to do something fun, take out five seconds in your head and fight with the devil that loves to procrastinate.

It will take just a few seconds to convince and motivate yourself to do an activity that you love. It could be reading, sketching, writing, cooking. Do absolutely anything but don’t waste time. Keep yourself occupied constantly by just devoting 5 seconds to convince yourself.

Bathe yourself in motivation

Once you’ve mastered the 5 seconds decision making, jump to the next way of keeping yourself motivated. You can do this by constantly finding out what all activities interest you and doing research on those activities online.

Let’s say you enjoy cooking, whenever you find a free time where you don’t want to do any physical activity, just sit with your phone and research a dish you’ve been wanting to prepare.

Go through various websites and YouTube channels to search the same recipe.

Once you’ve done that, use your experience in cooking and write down your own recipe and then try it. It may not come out to be as per your expectations in the first go. But don’t get disheartened. Try it again and try to perfect it till the point you’re satisfied. And then you would have created a recipe of your own that you can put on your own YouTube channel. This way, you shall always stay motivated.

Chunk it out

Sometimes we tend to dream big and there’s nothing wrong with it. We make big plans for our future and that’s the most human thing to do. Keeping up with those plans especially during the lockdown can be a daunting task. But now is the time to plan things right so that once the lockdown is over, we’ve chalked out how to make everything work out for us.

Whether it’s a business plan or teaching activity or a 9 to 5 job, here’s our time to learn more skills and actively participate in sharing our skills with others for the benefit of both parties.

The easiest way to turn dreams into reality is by breaking them into achievable chunks.

The most appropriate way in my opinion to do this is writing down what you want to achieve and then breaking them down into parts from a yearly plan, to a monthly plan, to a weekly plan and finally to a daily plan. It’s my personal observation that working backwards is more effective to achieve goals. Once the plan has been chalked out, follow the first two steps to stay motivated and make your dreams come true one by one.

Play some funky music

WE all have our sad days where our musings tend to lead to our moods spiraling downwards.

That’s again basic human nature. We feel that nothing we do is enough and we’re way behind others in the so-called “human race”.

The first idea that you need to push out of your head is that there is no “human race or a race against time”. We are all individuals born with different talents and capabilities. The only one you’ve to concentrate on is yourself and being a little selfish doesn’t hurt. When your mood is low and no one seems to understand what you’re going through at a personal level, turn to funky music. Loud and absurd music have wavelengths that can immediately lift your spirit and keep you going in the forward direction.

Try dancing even if initially you don’t feel like it but still try your best to get into the groove and slowly you shall notice your heart feeling lighter. Keep on going till you’re back on track to take on the world.

Talk to yourself more often

It’s very surprising but a lot of us don’t really know our true selves. We are forever trying to impress others that we bury our true feelings to a point where we start feeling hollow inside.

Sometimes the only person who can help you is you, no one else. I think people should invest more time on themselves to learn their own worth and what they love to do.

When you start understanding yourself and your desires, you start giving more importance to your own dreams rather than always being dependent on others for motivation. This is a major step towards self- motivation. Avoid being egoistic and rude but keep in mind that your happiness and joy will always be important to those who truly love you and want to be a part of your life even when you choose to do something they don’t like because it makes you happy. It will help you understand who all will stand by you when you need them.

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