6 Reasons to Upgrade From a Basic Shop Account to a Premium ARTMO Account

Before we start, you should know that an ARTMO artist profile is free!

ARTMO is more than just a marketplace – it is also a social art network, a blog, a community space, a place to connect with like-minded individuals, art-lovers, galleries, etc.

But if you’re looking to sell your art, then this article will be interesting for you!

In today’s digital world, artists looking to sell their art need to establish an e-commerce presence. While there are many ways you can sell your art online, one of the most effective ways is creating an online gallery which connects artists to a broader network of buyers.

ARTMO is one online marketplace on which artists can sign-up for a free vendor subscription that allows them to sell up to 5 artworks commission-free. But this is just one of many platforms that artists can use to sell their art. Which online gallery is right for you?

In our opinion, ARTMO’s online marketplace defeats the competition, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Commission taken > None
Who can sell > ANYONE: artists, galleries, collectors (members)
Subscription fee > BASIC: free; PREMIUM: starts at €1.50 / month
Direct communication with buyer > Yes

Commission taken > 30-35%
Who can sell > Galleries and museums (artists CANNOT join directly)
Subscription fee > N/A for artists
Direct communication with buyer > No

Commission taken > 35%
Who can sell > Artists
Subscription fee > N/A
Communication with buyer > Moderated by Saatchi Art

Commission taken > 40%
Who can sell > Artists must apply to be represented
Subscription fee > N/A
Communication with buyer > No

At ARTMO, we believe artists should earn what they deserve using our online marketplace. 

With most online shops charging commission fees between 30-40%, ARTMO is the only art-based social network that does not inflate prices with high commissions.

This ensures that buyers are paying the art’s true value, while sellers receive art sales at their defined price. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Try ARTMO out with our basic subscription, free of charge.

Already given us a go? Upgrade to a Premium ARTMO account for just €1.50/month. 

If you’ve already tried our free basic account, it’s time for you to upgrade to a Premium ARTMO account. Looking for a reason? We’re happy to convince you.

1. Sell MORE of your pieces commission-free 

With Premium ARTMO accounts, you can publish up to 20 artworks for just €1.50 / month. Need to post more? You can upgrade to unlimited artworks for just €3.00 / month.

Basic ARTMO accounts only allow for artists to post 5 pieces a month, which limits viewers from seeing the scope of your work. This minimal subscription fee ensures that ARTMO users can view and buy your entire collection commission-free.

2. Distinguish your profile with the Premium filter

Premium ARTMO users are set apart for buyers through the Premium ARTMO filter. When ARTMO users are looking through our digital gallery or exploring different artists, this filter will ensure your pieces and profile, along with other Premium users, will be all that they see.

This helps enhance the possibility that users will purchase your art by increasing profile visibility.

3. Boost your profile credibility with our golden MO badge

Once you subscribe to one of our Premium accounts, you will receive a golden MO badge on your profile. This badge elevates the perceived quality of your profile to other ARTMO users and strengthens your trustworthiness with potential buyers.

4. Receive personalized expert guidance

All of our ARTMO Premium accounts include access to the ARTMO help desk. This feature allows you to chat with our experts regarding profile questions and sales inquiries, ensuring your selling process goes as smoothly as possible.

5. Flexible payment plans

Although the basic ARTMO account for artists is completely free, the minimal subscription fee for the Premium account has multiple payment options.

You have the option of paying on a quarterly,  half-quarterly, or yearly basis, which allows you to pick the payment plan that works best for you. 

Still not convinced? A small percentage of  just one of your artworks’ sales – commission-free – could cover multiple years of your Premium ARTMO subscription.

Let’s compare a 30% commission fee to our minimal €1.50/month fee. If you hypothetically sell your piece for €200, the commission charged by other websites could be used to cover ARTMO’s Premium service for over 3.3 years, during which you can sell many other pieces. That seems worth it to us! 

Don’t like the Premium service (although we don’t think this is possible)? Within 30 days of signing up for your Premium account, you can cancel the service and get a full refund. We want to make sure that the Premium ARTMO payments work best for you.

6. Reach art enthusiasts from over 180 countries

The Premium ARTMO account features better enables you to reach ARTMO’s global user base in over 180 countries, strengthening your chance of making a commission-free sale.

Not a fan of subscription models but want ARTMO’s Premium features?

ARTMO offers a Lifetime account for only €98.00. A Lifetime account gives artists access to all the benefits described above in one single payment – for life!

What’re you waiting for? Join ARTMO’s basic or Premium community today.

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