A Whale Sculpture Catches a Crashed Train

This photo was taken after an almost catastrophic crash had happened back in November 2020. A train had pummelled through some stop blocks and almost fell a daunting 30ft (10m) at De Akkers Station in Spijkenisse.

If it weren’t for architect Maarten Struijs’s’ sculpture of a pair of whale tails, the events of that day undoubtedly would have been devastating.

Many were drawn to the crash in awe of the miracle that had just been played out before their eyes, while others photographed the scene of the train suspended in mid-air.

The pictures quickly spread through the media and were compared to a painting by Rene Margritte, ‘La Durée poignardé’, or popularly known as, ‘Time Transfixed’. This closely translates as ‘ongoing time stabbed by a dagger’, an interpretation that Magritte greatly preferred.

Credit: Robin Utrecht

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