How to Build a Successful Art Career

There were times when you practiced art as a hobby. You did drawing, design sketching, painting etc because you were passionate about it – until when you decided to stay and make art your profession.

At this point you want to make art your occupation and the question is how are you going to build your artistic skills into a successful art career?

Every career is like a house, you start from scratch, building it from strong foundations up until it is completely furnished.

It’s a gradual process. So what does this career building process involve? (in the case of an art career)

The following are the key steps you need to take towards the making of your art career:

1. Skill Development

This is the foundation. Begin with improving the quality of your skills. Although this may be subject to opinion but the kind of work you must produce must be high quality professional work.

High standard quality of works shows your experience and how much you have mastered art.

You can choose to go to an art school to learn more techniques or you can as well take alternative options such as having a private tutor or self – teaching :- by developing the heart of studying art books, practicing frequently, or visiting art museums.

Learn more artistic techniques. Explore the language of art and the colourful history of art.

2. Create a Studio

Now this is your occupation, create your own working space. This is a room where you will be doing only your works of art. It has to be private and quiet.

Design it in your own personal creative style that represents you.

Make it in a way that it must inspire you to work more.

A creative studio serves the purpose of your workplace, a safe storage for previous works and materials so that nothing gets mixed up with other stuff.

3. Discover your artistic style

Once you’ve developed your technical skills and have your own work place set up, start to explore your artistic style.

Explore the uniqueness of your creative ideas.

Understand what defines your work and the message that it speaks to the world.

Remember, we’re talking about visual art here and it is a picture. It tells a story. It shows emotions and perceptions. It is as distinguishing as a voice. Let your voice be heard in your works. The audience must feel the unique expression in your works. This will make you stand out of the crowd.

3. Get known to the world

Now you got the amazing skills, your own space and you know your style. Share it with the world.

The fact that you have your own private space to do your own work in doesn’t mean you must keep everything locked up in there to yourself.

Be connected to the outside world with good links.

Make friends with others artists. Share experiences with them and learn to appreciate other people’s art.

This way you will continue to gain more experience in your field of work through others.

Share the products with the world. You can have your work on display at a local gallery or online like here on Artmo.

You can build a strong social media presence to grow your supporters. You can also take part in art contests. Anything that will help connect with others in the art world.

4. Learn to run a Business.

After you have established good connections and now have a large network of friends and business partners, you need to learn how to manage a business.

You don’t have to go to a college of economics but you have run the business in a professional manner.

Make sure you have a budget before any expenditure, run a good cash analysis and any other financial practices that will help you to manage the finances of your business.

Business will not always be the same, sometimes there will be a lot of income and sometimes there will be nothing so you have to manage yourself well so that you should never crash.

Reaching this far, repeat the steps all over again and again.

Once you have done it well you will be able to reach the level of having your own high technology studio and a large group of supporters. You will be a famous artist.

By the time you retire you will have left your marks all over the world.

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