Mammal Photographer of The Year Awards 2021: Britain’s Wild Animals in Lockdown

Daniel Whitby’s photograph of a Rhinolophidae (known as a lesser horseshoe bat), has won first place for ‘Mammal Photographer of the Year’.

The judges were impressed by the dedication and skill it must have taken Whitby to photograph something ‘about the size of a plum’, and to such ‘an incredibly high standard’.

Daniel Whitby’s photograph of a lesser horseshoe bat

For the photograph, Whitby won £100 worth of CEWE of printing vouchers and the opportunity to spend a day at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, taking photographs.

Many photographs submitted were taken close to the photographers homes, like gardens and local parks. Whitby however was able to photograph this species of bat as part of his ongoing research.

The Mammal society chair, Fiona Mathews, was thrilled to have received an impressive display of photographs, especially with the national lockdown due to the COVID-19.

She believes that this has ‘highlighted just how much we all need and appreciate wildlife’, and hopes that it will continue.

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