RORSCHACH | Remo Gambacciani

Remo Gambacciani’s short film shows us a parallel between abstract art, and Rorschach psychological tests.

Everybody sees different forms during this test, the same happening when you explore abstract art.

Using the symmetrical forms of the Rorschach test – which helps determine the disorder of the person’s psychological state, Remo Gambacciani, plays with its flowing shapes and adds solids forms, creating something rough and stony.

“Fascinated by the shapes of the so-called RORSCHACH ‘inkblot’ tests, I felt the need to animate these symmetrical structures. I wanted to bring them to life. And – most of all – into the three-dimensional space”.

Concept, Direction, Animation: Remo Gambacciani

Audio: Gavin Little, ECHOLAB

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