12 creative podcasts to break through art block

Breaking through art block can be difficult, but with society continuously growing more digital, professionals have made creative podcasts to help artists and other creatives do just that.

From taking a deep dive into the creative processes of designers, artists, and illustrators, to introducing new ways to sell your art and expand your brand, podcasts provide artists with a network of like minded people who are trying to make it.

Looking at the endless list of podcasts can be a daunting task, so I took care of that part for you!

Whether you’re looking for lighthearted stories to get you thinking outside the box, or tips to marketing your art in innovative ways, this list of podcasts has you covered.

1. Creative Boom

All creatives at any stage of their career finding themselves in need of creative inspiration will enjoy this podcast. Hosted by Katy Cowan, The Creative Boom Podcast features gritty and fun discussions with creatives from all fields. Guests range from illustrators and photographers, to designers and creative directors, all wanting to inspire those in the creative industry.

Listen:  Here

2. Creative Rebels

Adam Brazier and David Speed, founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo, host Creative Rebels. Their interview guests have resisted the typical nine-to-five career to follow their dreams in the creative world. Brazier and Speed want to use their platform to “help creatives trying to make it.”

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3. ArtTactic

ArtTactic focuses on the market side of the art industry. It encompasses a variety of topics such as art marketplaces and the impact of social media on both emerging and established artists. Each new episode features a guest who is a leader in the industry. With over 200 episodes, ArtTactic offers content for everyone in the art community.

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4. art for all

Hosted by best-selling author Danny Gregory, art for all inspires listeners to be more creative. He also gives advice to end procrastination. Episode 13, titled “Breaking Creative Blocks w/ Jill Badonsky” is dedicated to helping listeners break down creative barriers and enhance their own creative process.

Listen: Here

5. Creative Pep Talk

Through the use of pep and creative strategies, creator and illustrator Andy J. Pizza wants to help you reach your creative potential. Creative Pep Talk features rich monologues where Andy shares his tips and tricks to improving your creative practice. Additionally the podcasts has interviews with creative guests. Whether you’re looking to break your creative block or for marketing tactics, this podcast has something for you.

Listen: Here

6. The Savvy Painter

Painter Antrese Wood talks with expert painters about both art as a business and the creative process. The Savvy Painter doesn’t only focus on how successful artists began creating elements that led to their success. It also dives into how artists can utilize the entire art community to help them on their creative journey.

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7. Starving Artist – art, money, freelancing, and how to live creatively

While new episodes have not been released since 2017, Starving Artist is the perfect show for those who are trying to make a living from their art. Host Honor Eastly has candid conversations with some of Australia’s young artists to understand their creative processes. He also addresses how to make money on Instagram, and how artists can negotiate raises in the industry.

Listen: Here

8. Art Juice: A podcast for artists, creatives and art lovers

Hosts Louise Fletcher and Alice Sherifan have honest and lighthearted conversations about the art world and how to expand your creativity. Art Juice is for creatives who want to broaden their thinking about their own motivations behind the art they create. It simultaneously offers advice on how to get through a loss of artistic motivation and purpose. If you’re looking for another resource for when you lack general motivation, check out this article.

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9. The Moment with Brian Koppelman

With new episodes dating all the way back to 2014, The Moment with Brian Koppleman discusses creativity and artistic journeys with his guests. They dive into the motivations behind why his guests pursued creative careers. He also talk about how they broke through the monotony of everyday life to create innovative content.

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10. The Great Women Artists

The Great Women Artists podcast was created as an extension of their Instagram account by the same name. Both platforms are dedicated to celebrating women in art. Host Katy Hessel invites artists, curators, and general art lovers to discuss their careers. They also highlight which female artist is most compelling to them.

Listen: Here

11. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Hosted by bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert, Magic Lessons aims to help aspiring artists push through the discomfort and fear to create authentically. Through discussions with guests, Gilbert encourages creatives to pursue their passions. She emphasizes the enlightenment that comes with continuously pushing past your creative boundaries.

Listen: Here

12. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

One of the longest running podcasts, Design Matters with Debbie Millman discusses creative culture with guests that range from musicians to curators. Her content is expansive, but many of the episodes are centered around aspects of art and design. She also features professionals who are part of the creative community.

Listen: Here

Sometimes getting through art block can be difficult to do alone, but through the use of these podcasts, you don’t have to!

These podcasts are aimed at helping you push your own creative boundaries, and to open your mind up to innovative alternatives to what you may already know.

If you’re looking for suggestions for podcasts to help you market your brand and increase your art sales, this article  briefly talks about a few great ones!

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