"Paper Bag Canyon" and ice caves Landscape Images by Erin Sullivan

Photographer Explores the World From Her Apartment

Erin Sullivan, a Los Angeles-based photographer, has found a new way to satisfy her love for exploration while under a stay-at-home order due to the

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man in gold body suit with wings on red stairs

The Met Gala’s Most Memorable Moments: Reminiscing on the Biggest Fashion Event of the Year

On May 4th, 2020, the Met steps remained empty, absent of what is ordinarily the fashion moment of the year for celebrities and designers alike.

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Warped Railway Landscape with Blue Trains

Surreal Landscapes of Istanbul and America

Aydin Buyuktas, an Istanbul based visual effects artists, uses photography to recreate worlds that can only be found in dreams, or the movie "Inception." He

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Mural in Venice, California of people kissing while wearing face masks

Street Artists Globally Adjust to Life with COVID-19

Much of the world continues to shelter in place as a result of COVID-19. However, when these restrictions are lifted there will be much more

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4 panel cartoon of woman in purple pajamas reading

Turn a New Page: 13 Art Books to Self-Isolate With

Perhaps no better time to work through your “to read” list, a vivid book is the best way to escape from the news cycle and

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two polar bears on arctic landscape interact with two red flags at night

Reflecting Raw Realities: World Press Photo 2020 Winners

For over six decades, the World Press Photo Foundation has changed the narrative of visual story-telling on an international scale. Their annual contests bring the

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Robot Online Tour Art Gallery Painting

The Art World’s Digital Revolution ~ Robot Tours at Galleries and more

In response to the coronavirus, it seems that the entire world has come to a halt. As the art world is no exception, closed exhibitions,

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Stolen Vincent Van Gogh Painting Goldfinch Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884

Stolen Masterpiece: “The Goldfinch” Becomes a Reality

March 30th, 2020 commemorated what would have been Vincent van Gogh’s 167th birthday. On this same day, thieves stole van Gogh’s Parsonage Garden at Nuenen

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Painting Art Corona virus face masks social distancing museum virtual tour online

12 Museums to Visit from Home

Despite their closures, museums everywhere have gone digital, allowing art-goers to experience iconic gallery collections from the comfort of their socially distanced homes. Whether it

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Watercolor Painting China Healthcare Workers Doctors Nurses Pandemic Covid-19 Heroes

Watercolor Warriors: Paintings that Depict the Fight Against COVID-19

"No matter how dangerous, There is always a group of people, Without remuneration, Not counting life and death, Standing upright. The first line fighters of

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Teddy Bear Window Scavenger Hunt

Teddy Bear Hunt

'Teddy Bear Hunt': Stuffed animal scavenger hunts are making life bearable for bored kids Teddy bears are appearing everywhere along streets made empty by coronavirus.

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graffiti street art 3d illusion dinosaur

Three-Dimensional Artworks

French street artist Scaf creates mind-blowing, large-scale 3D illusions and urban interventions. Wielding his spray can like a weapon, French street artist Scaf slices across city

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