Reisen durch Pinsel und Tusche | Annlin Chao

Nationales Palastmuseum Taiwan | 筆墨 行旅 | 台灣 台灣 逐 格 格
** Gewinner des Worldfest Huston International Film Festival 2017 **

"Travelling Through Brush and Ink" is a stop-motion animation of a little modern man travelling through four significant ancient Chinese paintings, transforming himself into animals and plants, and becomes part of the nature.

Each painting represents four important stages of landscape art in Chinese history.

Based on the original paintings, we built the sets and animated little character inside- all frame by frame. The animation is the opening film of 2016 annual exhibition National Palace Museum Taiwan.

  • Art Director: Pu Chen | Regie Annlin Chao
  • Komponist: Pi Chiu | Farbgestaltung: Kuan Hung Chen
  • Filmschnitt: Chia-Hung Lin, Ping-Kuei Lin
  • Szenenbild: Ren-Hao Cai, Jia-Jhen Syu
  • Grafikdesign: Chung-Yang Chen | Spezialeffekte: Yo-Cheng Zheng
  • Beleuchtungsassistent: Chang Wen Liang
  • Assistent Animation: Lu Chang, Petula Hsiao, Jamie Xuan, Cheng Leo, Hung-Xie Chia, Szu-Yu Tu, Lee Te Yi
  • Ausführender Produzent: National Palace Museum
  • Exekutive: 247Visualart | Produktion: XXtralab
  • Quelle: Annlin Chao |

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